Never has there been a new olive tree to come along that has all of the great qualities of olives such as drought tolerant, multi or single trunk, beautiful bark, able to withstand temperatures of extreme highs (100-120) and periods of low teens. What stands out about this new fruitless olive tree is its EXCEPTIONALLY FAST GROWTH & LITTLE LEAF DROP!!

There are over 800 MILLION Olive trees growing in this world right now. There is not one THE WESTERN WEEPING "fruitless" OLIVE


Why is this new olive tree the most exciting tree to come along in years?

- It Weeps long, flexible weeping habit with 6' (when mature) weeping structure. It cascades beautifully. The branches shoot straight up then after a few months turn and grow down.
Next to no leaf drop! Very few leaves ever drop from this tree. Next to no clean up. All other olives have a large leaf drop and require constant, year round, clean up. This is also excellent for landscape plants in fire prone areas which is much of the west. PATIO TREES, poolsides, walkways, patios, shopping centers, CalTrans/Highways, malls, industrial land, business parks, balconies, lawns, clubhouses, golf courses, driveways, parkways, hotels, condo / apartment developments and any place a common olive could grow.
- The leaf color! This amazing Olive has a deep, dark green and SMOOTH top side with the soft grey 'olive color' underside. It will shimmer in the wind..
- The leaf size! Over twice the leaf size of all other olive trees. Very showy.

  All of the Western Weeping Olive Trees set no olives but a rare few set some 'shot berries', a very immature fruit that never matures or drops on the ground, dry, so no hazards or mess! This is the only fruitless olive under patent in the world. (Many other so called Fruitless Olives set some fruit that grows to full maturity and falls).

Care! The olive requires little care and can be left natural for life. Can be pruned and shaped for patio trees or can be laced to enhance the weeping characteristics. Needs little fertilizer and always has it's rich, dark green leaves, with beautiful olive color undersides. Grows in the same soil mix as all other olives.

Grows in zones 8-11

High wind resistant! Tested to 70-80 mph winds with no leaf loss, no branches broken and little leaf tear.
Deer resistant! These trees were tested with and against 5 other varieties of olives and scored number one in deer resistance. The deer normally left the Western Weeping completely alone but on some consumed some leaves or few leaf tips never to touch again. The Majestic Beauty and Little Ollie were torn apart (also Fruitless) but the Western Weeping Olive and the fruiting Mission Olive were basically left alone after a "few tastes". This trees were tested in extreme deer conditions.- Can be grown with multi trunk or single trunk. The trunk and bark is very typical of most olives and quite showy. The Western Weeping Olive grows quickly for rapid future sales.

                                       Many uses of the Western Weeping Olive!

Shape and keep as small patio, courtyard or balcony tree. Parkway tree. Use in shopping centers, along walks, next to homes, on lawns without mess, industrial parks, where required by law due to very low water usage, in malls with light, gift giving.

The inventor spent 18 years growing this tree, putting it through 6 formal years of testing in a licensed and secure testing facility, used one of the finest plant patent attorneys, John Peck, KPPB, Newport Beach California.

The inventor also spent years on line researching every olive tree, olive tree nurseries, world wide Plant Breeding and Patent offices to guarantee that there is no other olive tree like this in the world.

This exciting new tree is a California Central Coast 'invention'. The inventor was a California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo), Ornamental Horticulture/Fruit Science major.

PR Upon pending release to the public/nurseries there can be an enormous amount of free PR through Hort. Magazines, Cal Poly Alum. Magazine, newspapers and general press releases as this is not only a big plant invention but a great human interest story. Excitement to purchase this plant at a high price can be generated to your millions of consumers. 

The few olive patents granted have generated millions of dollars of sales to the inventors of the license holder (Swan Hill, Majestic Beauty, Little Ollie have sold millions of copies).

Our company is looking for aggressive, well connected growers to market this spectacular olive in different, creative ways. It will be a winner for inventor, grower and most of all the CONSUMER!

Our company has enough quality plant material to start up to several million cuttings immediately.

No other olives begin to compare with the Western Weeping Olive, see for yourself.